Wednesday, August 2

Healthy sexy hair Review plus where I have been

Hi beauties, So I have been out for quite long .... life happens since I am mommy of two tiny kids , wife and  a college student, I have been struggling to manage my time. However I missed my blogging and you guys :) So lets start with this review.... shall we

  When It comes to healthy hair I want to know all the secrets. I love using nice hair care products. Few months back I bought this Healthy sexy hair line, Soy tri Wheat leave in conditioner and Soy renewal oil from Ulta. I bought the travel size because I wanted to try it first before buying the full size one.

The Soy Renewal oil with Argan oil nourishing styling treatment, is awesome for hairs. It gives a nice shine to hairs, control frizz and also protects the hair from the heat. I used this before using my flat iron. I love the way my hair feels after using this. They are soft and very easy to manage. One thing that I really like about this oil is that it is not heavy. Because I have normal hair, so If I use too much heavy stuff on my hairs, my hair can look very greasy.

Soy Tri wheat leave in conditioner, is a excellent light weight leave in conditioner. I use this right after shower to detangle my hairs. It detangles my hairs really quick and makes them super soft. I also like the smell of it, it's very light and refreshing.  They both are really nice products and I am definitely going to buy the full size of this. Let me know if any of you tried this ? and what you guys think about it ? Have a nice week guys :) see you seen

Just wanted to let you guys know that upcoming posts will be slight different what I used to post. I want to do something different so I will be posting kind of like on the go post :) which will tell you guys more about my life and less perfection on pictures... I hope you guys like that ....

Love u guys !!! And missed u alot

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