Hi everyone ....This is Ambi, Wife /Mom of two adorable kids /College student/ and a Shopaholic. I enjoy reading blogs so I decided to create my own. Here I will share beauty and lifestyle. I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog :)


            - Every thing I show in this blog is bought by my own
                        money and reviews are 100% my own.

                     - I do not work with PR or advertisement.
                          - I will not give response to any PR, 
                               advertisement or gift comments. 

                - All the Pictures in this blog is taken by me and are
                           not allowed to use without permission. 


  1. Very nice :) How long have you been posting? The layout is really beautiful and simple. I also think your photography is really well done, 10/10.


    1. Not very long :) Thank you dear, that means a lot to me ! x


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