Saturday, March 3

My Planners... my love

Hi guys... I am thinking to do a blog post about all of the planners that I use. As you guys know that I love anything related to planner...

Friday, March 2

Hello loves

Hi yall,

Long time no blog.... as you guys all know that I am a full time student plus mom. So time management is a big problem for me. Today I thought I just share some stickers haul with you guys that I currently ordered from Easy....

Sunday, September 10

Planner addiction, Happy planner

As you guys know that I love planners and planning and anything related to stationary :) Anytime I see any cute planner its very difficult for me not it buy it. Recently I went to Micheals to get some party stuff and ended up in a planner section :) They had Happy planner on sale so I bought one.