Sunday, September 10

Planner addiction, Happy planner

As you guys know that I love planners and planning and anything related to stationary :) Anytime I see any cute planner its very difficult for me not it buy it. Recently I went to Micheals to get some party stuff and ended up in a planner section :) They had Happy planner on sale so I bought one.

Friday, September 1

College Supplies Part 2

Happy Friday guys.... So I went to Target basically for the printer ink but bought few stationery item also. Buying printer ink is not my favorite because it is very expensive and my printer runs out with ink so fast. I also went to Bath and body works just to pick up few hand sanitizers... because guys... this is the season when people gets sick the most and I have already caught cold :(

Sunday, August 27

What's in my College bag

Hi lovelies !! Since it's still back to school season I decided to do whats in my  college backpack. The bag that I am currently using is by North face.  This bag is three years old and still looks brand new :)