Wednesday, July 25

Back To College Supplies / update on Instagram

Hello guys,

Today I am very excited that back to school season is here.. which means lots of cute stationary shopping :) No matter how hard I try I always end up buying too many cute stuff for college. I have been doing a lot of shopping in VS Pink store. I seriously love that store...

In this post I just want to update you guys whats going on, and why I have been slacking into blogging so much. Its because guys I have too much studies to do with family and internships ..its just getting too much. Plus I want to make sure that my blog stay as my hobby. However, I have came up with the conclusion that I will be posting on Instagram more frequently. so please make sure you guys follow me there because I will be posting there more.

I will be posting my  back to school shopping pictures on my Instagram account , So if you guys want to know more follow me there  :)

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