Sunday, August 27

What's in my College bag

Hi lovelies !! Since it's still back to school season I decided to do whats in my  college backpack. The bag that I am currently using is by North face.  This bag is three years old and still looks brand new :)

And I also love that this bag is very durable and offer so many compartments. I decided to go with backpack instead of the other fashion bags... because I want something that I can carry a lot of things and It won't break my back. So the very front top pocket I keep my cell phone .. which is not there right now :) and a blotting sheets by Shiseido.

The lower front pocket I keep just my graphing calculator and some snacks ...incase I get hungry. I have to keep graphing calculator all time with me ... because of my major.

In the main big compartment I keep a binder, a folder, a composition book, My MAC book pro 13 inch, my planner which is Louis Vuitton agenda PM, a pencil pouch, and a makeup bag.

That's what I keep inside my makeup pouch and this is my pencil pouch with some erasable pens, pencils and highlighters

So guys that's whats inside my college bag for now. Later things might get change :) I might do a another whats in my college bag in the middle of the semester.. because right now its's super organized and by the middle of the semester every thing gets crazy :)

I hope you guys enjoyed it :) xx


  1. I love Clif bars! Fun to see what you carry.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. I loved getting ready for school and being super organized but it never stayed long. By the end it was papers galore, gum wrappings abound and like, one pen haha.

    Sam / My Beauty Cloud

  3. I love your school supplies! That backpack is amazing! I love pink, haha!
    Have an amazing day!
    xx Kris

  4. Great post! That's amazing how new your bag looks after three years and I'm a huge fn of Clif bars too.

    Heather xx


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