Friday, September 1

College Supplies Part 2

Happy Friday guys.... So I went to Target basically for the printer ink but bought few stationery item also. Buying printer ink is not my favorite because it is very expensive and my printer runs out with ink so fast. I also went to Bath and body works just to pick up few hand sanitizers... because guys... this is the season when people gets sick the most and I have already caught cold :(

I bought some mechanical pencils 0.5mm because  I really like the fine tip. My classes has been started for a week and I learned that in few of my courses we are only allowed to use pencils which is because it has a lot of math and science involve. And for that reason I also bought these Pentel erasers which are the best erasers in my opinion.

I bought a ink set for my printer and some Pilot erasable markers. I loved the erasable pens by Pilot so I decided to try these markers :)

Last I got some cute hand sanitizers from Bath and body works which I will be throwing into my bag, pencil case and basically every where :) because I just can not afford to be sick.

So I hope you guys had fun here reading my blog. Wish you a great weekend !! x


  1. Those erasable marker pens look so useful! And I love your mini hand sanitisers!

    Heather xx

  2. Aw, those hand sanitizers are so cute! I usually buy them from the dollar store because it's so cheap, so they're usually not aesthetically pleasing, lol. As long as they do the trick, right?

    Sam / My Beauty Cloud

  3. Same thing happens to me when I go to Target! I go for one thing and end up with a bag full of other things! This is such a helpful post! Thank you for sharing and good luck with school!

    ~ Cat L.

  4. I've just started university so I needed this post! Super helpful!

    Darriyan xx


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